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In the glittering world of Hollywood, Amanda Blake shone as a prominent television actress, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. However, her story extends beyond the glitz and glamour, delving into her passion for animal welfare, her triumphant achievements, and the personal battles she faced. In this journey through Amanda Blake’s life, we explore the various facets that defined this remarkable woman.

Amanda Blake Wikipedia, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Widow, Nationality, Facts

Full NameAmanda Blake
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 1929
Date of DeathAugust 16, 1989
Age at Death60 years
Place of BirthBuffalo, New York, USA
Father’s NameJesse Neill
Mother’s NameLouise (née Puckett) Neill
EthnicityEnglish and Scottish
Birth NameBeverly Louise Neill
EducationClaremont High School, Pomona College (briefly), Amherst Central High School
Career Highlights“Gunsmoke” actress, Primetime Emmy Award winner
Net Worth (at Death)Estimated at $500,000 (1989)
AwardsWestern Heritage Awards (1967, 1972), Golden Boot Award (1985), Primetime Emmy Award (1959), Golden Globe Awards (1970, 1971, 1972)
Body MeasurementsHeight: 5 feet 6 inches, Weight: 61 kg, Chest-Waist-Arm: 37-25-37 inches, Dress Size: 8 US
Personal LifeMarried to Don Whitman (1954-1956), Jason Seymour Day Jr. (1964-1967), Frank Gilbert (1967-1982), Mark Edward Spaeth (1984-1985)
Animal WelfareCo-founder of Arizona Animal Welfare League, Advocate for Performing Animal Welfare Society, Ran cheetah breeding program
Health StrugglesFaced oral cancer in 1977, Supporter of American Cancer Society, Received Courage Award (1984)
LegacyAmanda Blake Memorial Wildlife Refuge established in 1997 at Rancho Seco Park, Herald, California

Early Life and Education: A Star in the Making

Amanda Blake, born on February 20, 1929, in Buffalo, New York, emerged as a beacon of talent in the entertainment world. The only child of Louise and Jesse Neill, she inherited a spirit destined for greatness. Her father, a banker, and her mother laid the foundation for her journey.

The family later moved to Claremont, California, where Amanda completed her high school education at Claremont High School. Despite a brief enrollment at Pomona College, her passion for acting took precedence over academics. Eventually, she graduated from Amherst Central High School, setting the stage for her theatrical endeavors.


Professional Stardom: From MGM to Gunsmoke

Amanda’s foray into acting began with summer stock in New England, followed by theater and radio roles in Buffalo. Her debut in MGM’s “Stars in My Crown” in 1950 marked the commencement of a stellar career. Notably, her portrayal of Miss Kitty in the iconic western series “Gunsmoke” from 1955 to 1974 solidified her status as a television legend.

Her Hollywood ventures included films like “Cattle Town” (1952) and “Miss Robin Crusoe” (1954), showcasing her versatility. Amanda made significant contributions to the entertainment landscape, earning accolades such as the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Series in 1959.


Animal Welfare Crusader: Beyond the Spotlight

Post-“Gunsmoke,” Amanda embraced semi-retirement at her Phoenix, Arizona home. Her love for animals took center stage, notably with her pet lion, Kemo, who even visited the set of “Gunsmoke.” Together with her husband, Frank Gilbert, she ran a groundbreaking cheetah breeding program, achieving seven generations of success.

In 1971, Amanda co-founded the Arizona Animal Welfare League, pioneering the “no-kill” shelter concept. Her dedication extended to the Performing Animal Welfare Society in 1985, with financial support and advocacy for African wildlife. The Amanda Blake Memorial Wildlife Refuge stands as a testament to her commitment, providing sanctuary for free-ranging African hoofed wildlife.

Health Struggles and Legacy

A heavy smoker, Amanda faced oral cancer in 1977, becoming a fervent supporter of the American Cancer Society. Her determination earned her the Courage Award in 1984 from then-President Ronald Reagan.

Tragically, Amanda Blake passed away on August 16, 1989, at the age of 60. While reports speculated about AIDS, her official cause of death was cardio-pulmonary arrest due to liver failure and CMV Hepatitis. Despite her health battles, Amanda’s legacy lives on through her impactful contributions to entertainment and animal welfare.


Personal Life: A Journey Through Love and Loss

Amanda’s romantic journey saw marriages to Don Whitman (1954-1956), Australian golfer Jason Seymour Day Jr. (1964-1967), and Frank Gilbert (1967-1982). Love persisted with Mark Edward Spaeth, whom she married in 1984, only to face the tragedy of his untimely death in 1985.

Amanda Blake’s life reflects a tapestry of accomplishments, love, and dedication to causes larger than herself. As we reminisce about this Hollywood luminary, we remember a woman whose influence transcends the silver screen, leaving an enduring impact on both entertainment and animal welfare.

When and where was Amanda Blake born?

Amanda Blake was born on February 20, 1929, in Buffalo, New York, USA.

What was Amanda Blake’s notable career achievement?

Amanda Blake is renowned for her iconic role as Miss Kitty in the classic western series “Gunsmoke” from 1955 to 1974, earning accolades such as the Primetime Emmy Award.

What were Amanda Blake’s contributions to animal welfare?

Amanda was a passionate advocate for animals, co-founding the Arizona Animal Welfare League and supporting the Performing Animal Welfare Society. She ran a successful cheetah breeding program and established the Amanda Blake Memorial Wildlife Refuge in 1997.

How did Amanda Blake pass away?

Amanda Blake passed away on August 16, 1989, at the age of 60, due to cardio-pulmonary arrest resulting from liver failure and CMV Hepatitis.

What awards did Amanda Blake receive?

Amanda received several awards, including Western Heritage Awards, Golden Boot Award, Primetime Emmy Award, and Golden Globe Awards for her outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry.


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