Heather Storm Bio, Age, Youube, Wikipedia, Biography, Husband, Family & Net Worth

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Just like talent, passion in a hobby flows freely, and an individual showcases mastery prowess not many could replicate in the subject. Likewise, dedication in the line of work would pay off, earning individual recognition. Heather Storm is an example of an avid car enthusiast who, despite leaving the Garage Squad, founded her own show to satisfy her passion for cars. Heather Storm is a television personality and TV personality who hosted Garage Squad. Her passion for cars and her ability to bring long-dead cars back to life with the help of her co-host team has earned her a lot of popularity. She has since left the show founding her car series Drive Yourself Local, which entails exploring America in her Ford Mustang and sharing her adventure stories on the travel blog.

Heather Storm Bio, Age, Youube, Wikipedia, Biography, Husband, Family & Net Worth

Full NameDanielle Trotta (Known as Heather Storm)
NicknameHeather Storm
Date of BirthJune 13, 1962
Age60 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignGemini
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California
EthnicityCaucasian White
Height in Feet5’7″
Height in Centimeters170
Weight in Pounds132
Weight in Kilograms60
Shoe Size (U.S)7.5
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorHazel
MotherPhyllis Trotta
FatherPhyllis Trotta
Relationship StatusSingle
UniversityOregon State University
ProfessionActress, TV personality, model
Net Worth$1.7 million

Early Life

Heather Storm was born on 13 June 1962 in Westchester, Pennsylvania. She decided to drop her birth name Danielle Trotta adopting Heather Storm. At the age of 12 years, her family relocated from Philadelphia to Montana, an event that dramatically changed her life. She graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.



Heather first launched herself into the modelling industry before she got into acting. Her career would also pick up pace granting her partnerships with global clothing brands. Aside from modelling, she founded her own company Black Lab, which produced cocktails and refreshment drinks while utilizing eco-friendly practices.

Acting Career

Storm decided to switch careers and try something new. She made her debut in acting in 2013, featuring in the Underbelly film as the character Melissa. After featuring in different minor roles, she landed her breakthrough gig working as the host of the Garage Squad.


Passion Unleashed: The Journey from Garage Squad to Drive Yourself Local

Heather Storm’s journey into the automotive world was not just a stint in front of the camera; it was a manifestation of her deep-rooted passion for cars. Her time on Garage Squad showcased not only her expertise in automotive restoration but also her ability to connect with audiences who shared her love for all things on four wheels.

A Shift in Gears: Leaving Garage Squad

Despite the success and popularity gained from Garage Squad, Heather Storm decided to take a bold step and forge her path. The decision to leave the show was not a farewell to her love for cars; rather, it was a shift in gears towards a more personalized and adventurous approach.


Drive Yourself Local: Heather’s Personal Automotive Odyssey

Founded on the heels of her departure from Garage Squad, “Drive Yourself Local” emerged as Heather Storm’s brainchild, a show that encapsulates her unfiltered passion for automobiles. The series takes viewers on a journey across America, with Heather behind the wheel of her trusted Ford Mustang, exploring the diverse landscapes and sharing her tales of adventure.

Beyond Television: The Travel Blog

Heather Storm goes the extra mile, not just on the road but also in the digital realm. Complementing her series, the Drive Yourself Local travel blog provides an intimate glimpse into her escapades. From the scenic routes she traverses to the hidden gems she discovers, the blog becomes a travel companion for enthusiasts and wanderers alike.

The Many Facets of Heather Storm: From Model to Mogul

Heather Storm’s story is not confined to the automotive realm; it’s a narrative that transcends industries and showcases the versatility of her talents.

Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship: Black Lab Ventures

Heather’s commitment to sustainability is not merely a talking point but an actionable endeavor. Black Lab Ventures, her brainchild, stands as a testament to her dedication to eco-friendly practices. The company focuses on producing cocktails and refreshment drinks with a conscious approach to environmental impact.

Actress, Model, and More

Before the revving engines and the hum of restoration tools, Heather Storm graced the world of modeling. Her foray into acting expanded her horizons, proving that she’s not just a TV personality but a multifaceted individual with a range of talents waiting to be explored.

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Conclusion: A Trailblazer on Four Wheels

Heather Storm’s journey from Garage Squad to Drive Yourself Local exemplifies not only her love for cars but also her determination to blaze her trail. As an actress, TV personality, model, and entrepreneur, she continues to leave an indelible mark on diverse industries.

In an age where authenticity is revered, Heather Storm stands out as a beacon of genuine passion and unfiltered enthusiasm. The road ahead for her might be winding, but with every turn, she reaffirms her commitment to the automotive world and beyond.

Who is Heather Storm?

Heather Storm, born Danielle Trotta, is a multifaceted individual known for her roles as a TV personality, actress, and model. She gained recognition as the host of Garage Squad and later founded her show, Drive Yourself Local.

What is Drive Yourself Local?

Drive Yourself Local is Heather Storm’s personal automotive series where she embarks on a journey across America in her Ford Mustang. The show captures her passion for cars and explores various landscapes, documented through a travel blog.

Why did Heather Storm leave Garage Squad?

Heather Storm departed from Garage Squad to pursue her personalized automotive adventure with Drive Yourself Local. The decision marked a shift towards a more independent and adventurous approach to exploring her passion for cars.

What is Heather Storm’s background in modeling and acting?

Before delving into the automotive world, Heather Storm established herself in the modeling industry. She later transitioned to acting, making her debut in 2013 with roles in films like Underbelly.

Tell us more about Black Lab Ventures.

Black Lab Ventures is Heather Storm’s eco-friendly company that produces cocktails and refreshment drinks. The company emphasizes sustainability in its practices, aligning with Heather’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

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