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J Prince Jr Age, Net Worth, Birthday, TakeOff, Wife, Family, Bio, Wiki & Wikipedia -: In the realm of entrepreneurship, media, and music, one name that stands out is J Prince Jr. Hailing from a lineage deeply embedded in the music industry, he has emerged as a noteworthy personality in his own right. Born between 1985 and 1988, J Prince Jr. is the son of James Prince, the visionary behind the iconic Rap-A-Lot Records. This article delves into the life, career, and the enigmatic personality of J Prince Jr.

J Prince Jr Age, Net Worth, Birthday, TakeOff, Wife, Family, Bio, Wiki & Wikipedia

Full NameJ Prince Jr.
Date of BirthBetween 1985 and 1988
AgeApproximately 34-37 years old (as of 2022)
EducationPrestigious institution (details undisclosed)
Height5 feet 9 inches
WeightApproximately 65 kg
Eye ColorWarm black
Hair ColorBlack
Net WorthUSD 3 million (as of August 2023)
Career Highlights– Founder of ‘Mob Ties’ streetwear company
– Proprietor of a Houston-based restaurant
– Manager of finesse2tymes, a prominent singer
– Active in enterprises, advertisements, etc.
FatherJames Prince, founder of Rap-A-Lot Records
Relationship StatusPossibly single (not confirmed)
Social MediaInstagram: [@JPrinceJr](insert link)

Early Life and Education:

J Prince Jr.’s early life remains somewhat shrouded in mystery, much like the man himself. Born in the United States, he received a solid education, attending a prestigious institution for further studies. However, specific details about his academic achievements remain elusive.

Age, Height, and Weight:

As of 2022, J Prince Jr. is estimated to be between 34 and 37 years old. Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing approximately 65 kg, he carries himself with a charismatic presence. With warm black eyes and a head of black locks, his physical stature complements his captivating personality.

Net Worth:

Living a life of luxury, J Prince Jr. boasts a reported net worth of around USD 3 million as of August 2023. His financial success is attributed to a multifaceted career that spans various ventures, including enterprises, advertisements, and his involvement in the music industry.


While J Prince Jr. drew inspiration from his father’s success, he opted to carve his own path. Unlike his father’s role in music, J Prince Jr. established his own Houston-based streetwear company, ‘Mob Ties.’ The acronym stands for Movement of Bosses Together In Elevated Structure, reflecting his commitment to building a community of successful individuals. He actively promotes his brand on social media, leveraging the support of well-known friends for marketing.

In addition to his foray into streetwear, J Prince Jr. is the proprietor of a Houston-based restaurant. His entrepreneurial spirit extends to managing the career of finesse2tymes, a prominent singer. The legacy of Rap-A-Lot Records, founded by his father in the 1980s, serves as a backdrop to J Prince Jr.’s own journey.

Personal Life:

Despite his rising fame, J Prince Jr. maintains a discreet personal life. Scouring his Instagram account, dedicated primarily to his music career, vocalists, and friends, reveals little about his relationships. Speculation about his dating life has surfaced, but the lack of concrete information suggests he prefers to keep his personal affairs private. It is assumed, perhaps inaccurately, that he remains focused on achieving celebrity status akin to his father before delving into personal matters.

J Prince Jr Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here
FacebookClick Here
YouTubeClick Here


In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship and the entertainment industry, J Prince Jr. stands as a testament to the power of forging one’s own path. From the echoes of his father’s success, he has crafted a unique identity, making waves in the world of streetwear, music management, and beyond. As the pages of his journey continue to unfold, the enigmatic entrepreneur continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the legacy of the Prince family.

When was J Prince Jr. born?

J Prince Jr.’s exact date of birth remains undisclosed, but he was born between 1985 and 1988.

How old is J Prince Jr.?

As of 2022, J Prince Jr. is approximately 34-37 years old.

What is J Prince Jr.’s nationality?

J Prince Jr. is of American nationality.

What is J Prince Jr.’s educational background?

While he received a good education, specific details about his academic achievements are not publicly available.

What is J Prince Jr.’s net worth?

J Prince Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 3 million as of August 2023.

What is the significance of ‘Mob Ties’ in J Prince Jr.’s career?

‘Mob Ties’ is J Prince Jr.’s Houston-based streetwear company, standing for Movement of Bosses Together In Elevated Structure.

Is J Prince Jr. active on social media?

Yes, he shares insights into his music career, connections with vocalists, and friendships on his Instagram account [@JPrinceJr](insert link).

Who is J Prince Jr.’s father?

J Prince Jr.’s father is James Prince, the founder of the iconic record company Rap-A-Lot Records.

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