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Nick Stubbe Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, College Golf, Young, Wiki, Bio -: In the massive scene of web characters, Scratch Stubbe, commonly known as Fat Perez, has cut his specialty as a golf fan and a critical individual from the famous web bunch, Sway Does Sports. This blog will unwind the spellbinding excursion of this US-based YouTube star, digging into features like his initial life, professional direction, individual life, and the captivating realities that make him a cherished figure in the computerized domain.

Nick Stubbe Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, College Golf, Young, Wiki, Bio

Full NameNick Stubbe, AKA Fat Perez
Date of Birth1978
BirthplaceVirginia, USA
Zodiac SignUnrevealed
NicknameFat Perez
EducationHampden-Sydney College (History), Virginia Commonwealth University (BS in Accounting, 2013-2015)
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAnne Cole Stubbe (Pure Barre instructor)
FamilyParents: Kevin and Lisa Stubbe, Sisters: Morgan and Cynthia Stubbe
Age (2023)45
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight115 kg
Hair ColorDark blonde
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size10 (US)
Professional BackgroundCorporate roles in finance, including Capital One and Keiter. Left corporate job in mid-2022 for full-time internet career
YouTube GroupBob Does Sports (Joined in 2021)
Net Worth$700,000
YouTube SubscribersBob Does Sports Channel: 593k subscribers, 89 million total views
PodcastCo-host of Bob Does Sports Podcast
Entrepreneurial VenturesMerchandise sales (T-shirts, hoodies, headcovers, towels), Sponsored by Fore Craft Cocktails and Jaxon Wellness

Early Life and Schooling:

Nick Stubbe

Scratch Stubbe entered the world in 1978 in Virginia, USA, where he had cultivated his adoration for golf since the beginning. Graduating secondary school, he sought after a degree in History at Hampden-Sydney School, later procuring a BS degree in Bookkeeping from Virginia Ward College somewhere in the range of 2013 and 2015.

Spouse and family:

Nick Stubbe

In 2021, Scratch sealed the deal with Anne Cole Stubbe, an Unadulterated Barre teacher, exhibiting the team’s obligation to both individual and expert undertakings. His blended identity and American ethnicity mix consistently in his family, with guardians Kevin and Lisa Stubbe and two sisters, Morgan and Cynthia Stubbe.

Age, Level, and Actual Qualities:

Nick Stubbe

Starting around 2023, Scratch Stubbe remains at 45 years old, with a level of 5 feet 8 inches and a load of roughly 115 kg. With dim light hair, earthy colored eyes, and a magnetic presence, Fat Perez oozes a remarkable appeal. His body estimations stay undisclosed, yet his shoe size is 10 (US).

Early Life and Corporate Stretch:

Nick Stubbe

Regardless of his enthusiasm for golf, Scratch set out on a corporate excursion following his schooling. From jobs at Kinloch Golf Club to positions at Capital One and Keiter, he explored the money area until 2022, when he chose to turn toward a full-time Web profession.

Passage into the Universe of YouTube and Weave Does Sports:

Scratch’s meeting with web popularity started during a Zoom approach, The Splendidly Stupid Show, facilitated by Robby Berger (Weave). Intrigued by Scratch’s humor and hitting the fairway abilities, Weave, alongside Joey, framed the web bunch Sway Does Sports with Perez. Scratch’s Monday off to feature his playing golf ability denoted the defining moment, prompting a flood in the gathering’s notoriety on YouTube.

Total assets and pioneering adventures:

At this point, Scratch Stubbe’s total assets are assessed at $700,000. Changing from a six-figure corporate compensation model, he presently gets pay from different sources, fundamentally through Weave Does Sports. The gathering’s YouTube channel flaunts over 593k endorsers and 89 million all-out sees, adding to their monetary accomplishment through advertisements, sponsorships, and product deals.

Realities and Ways of Life:

Scratch Stubbe, known for his funny persona, keeps a sans tattoo material and effectively draws in with his crowd through Instagram, where he has amassed 311k supporters. His position on smoking and liquor stays undisclosed, while his devotion to the Bounce Does Sports Digital recording adds one more layer to his complex web-based presence.

AKA Fat Perez Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here
YouTubeClick Here


In the steadily developing scene of computerized diversion, Scratch Stubbe, or Fat Perez, arises as a reviving mix of golf skill, humor, and appeal. From a corporate setting to the flourishing domain of Web fame, his process represents the boundless potential outcomes inside the computerized circle. With a steady spouse, a steadily developing YouTube crowd, and enterprising endeavors, Scratch Stubbe proceeds to enthrall and rouse.

Who is Nick Stubbe, AKA Fat Perez?

Nick Stubbe is a US-based YouTube star and golf personality, renowned for his role in the internet group Bob Does Sports.

What is Nick Stubbe’s background?

Born in 1978 in Virginia, Nick pursued a corporate career in finance before transitioning to full-time internet stardom.

Is Nick Stubbe married?

Yes, Nick Stubbe is married to Anne Cole Stubbe, a Pure Barre instructor, since 2021.

What is his educational background?

Nick studied History at Hampden-Sydney College and earned a BS degree in Accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University.

What is Nick Stubbe’s net worth?

As of now, Nick Stubbe’s estimated net worth is $700,000, derived from his internet career and entrepreneurial ventures.

How did Nick Stubbe join Bob Does Sports?

Nick joined Bob Does Sports after impressing Robby Berger (Bob) and Joey during a Zoom call on The Brilliantly Dumb Show in 2021.

What is the focus of Bob Does Sports?

Bob Does Sports primarily focuses on golf-related content and has a successful YouTube channel with over 593k subscribers.

What are Nick Stubbe’s other ventures?

Apart from YouTube, Nick sells merchandise, including T-shirts and hoodies, and is sponsored by Fore Craft Cocktails and Jaxon Wellness.

How can I connect with Nick Stubbe on social media?

Nick Stubbe shares images and short videos on his Instagram handle, where he has 311k followers.

Does Nick Stubbe have children?

As of now, Nick Stubbe and his wife Anne Cole Stubbe do not have any children.

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