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Albert Ezerzer, a distinguished actor and former Transportation Management Facility driver, left an indelible mark on the film industry before his untimely passing at the age of 55. His career, although cut short, was marked by dedication, passion, and significant contributions to various acclaimed productions such as Interstate 60, No One Could Protect Her, and others.

Albert Ezerzer Bio, Suits, Death Reason, Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Wife

Full NameAlbert Ezerzer
Date of BirthJanuary 31, 1959
Date of DeathApril 18, 2014
Age at Death55 years
Astrological SignAquarius
ProfessionActor, Transportation Driver
Notable WorksInterstate 60, No One Could Protect Her, Suits
Legacy Tribute“In Memory of Albert Ezerzer” episode on Suits
Marital StatusMarried to Rachel Ezerzer
Net WorthEstimated $800,000
Cause of DeathRuptured Aortic Aneurysm

The Misleading Resemblance: D.B. Woodside vs. Albert Ezerzer

Before delving into Albert’s impactful career, it’s crucial to address the confusion that has arisen due to misleading online content. Some websites have mistakenly used photos of actor D.B. Woodside instead of Albert Ezerzer, causing potential confusion among viewers. It’s essential to emphasize that these two individuals are entirely different, and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

D.B. Woodside, a renowned actor with his own distinguished career, and Albert Ezerzer, a behind-the-scenes driver in the Transportation Management department, should not be confused or linked in any way. Their paths briefly crossed while working on the same shows, but they remained separate professionals with their unique contributions to the entertainment industry.

Albert Ezerzer: A Beloved Figure in “Suits”

Albert’s career included a pivotal role in the acclaimed TV show “Suits,” where he worked diligently in the transportation department. His dedication was highlighted by the show’s creator, Aaron Korsh, who expressed deep respect for Albert’s tireless work ethic. The Suits team honored Albert’s memory by dedicating an episode entitled “In Memory of Albert Ezerzer,” underlining his significance as a cherished member of their close-knit family.

Early Life and Career Contributions

Born on January 31, 1959, Albert Ezerzer showcased his creative and humanitarian spirit from an early age. After completing his education, he entered the film industry, making a name for himself through his roles in the transportation management departments of various movie sets. His contributions to the American series “Suits” solidified his reputation as a dedicated professional.

Despite a relatively short career, Albert’s passion and talent were evident to all who worked with him. His impact on the filming world endures through the significant roles he played behind the scenes.

Tragic End: Albert Ezerzer’s Cause of Death

On April 18, 2014, Albert Ezerzer succumbed to a devastating ruptured aortic aneurysm, a condition with an alarmingly high fatality rate. His role as a car driver on film sets, part of transportation management services, contributed to his impressive resume. The film industry lost a dedicated professional whose legacy lives on through his impactful work.

Personal Life: Albert Ezerzer as Husband

In his personal life, Albert was not just a talented actor but also a loving husband to Rachel Ezerzer. Their enduring bond and companionship were evident, with Albert finding joy in balancing his professional pursuits with a strong commitment to his marriage. The episode dedicated to Albert on “Suits” reflects the impact he had not only on the industry but also on those who knew him personally.

Legacy and Net Worth

Albert Ezerzer’s legacy extends beyond the screen. His net worth, estimated to surpass $800,000, is a testament to his successful career in the film industry. His contributions to various major film and television productions solidified his position as a highly skilled professional.


In conclusion, Albert Ezerzer’s untimely passing was a tragic loss to the film industry. This article aimed to clarify the confusion surrounding his identity and provide a comprehensive overview of his life, career, and contributions. Albert Ezerzer will be remembered not only for his roles on screen but also for his dedication, professionalism, and the impact he left behind in the hearts of those who had the privilege of working with him. May he continue to rest in peace, leaving behind a legacy that transcends the screen.

Who was Albert Ezerzer?

Albert Ezerzer was an esteemed actor and former Transportation Management Facility driver in the United States. He made significant contributions to various acclaimed productions, including “Interstate 60,” “No One Could Protect Her,” and the TV series “Suits.”

How did Albert Ezerzer pass away?

Albert Ezerzer passed away on April 18, 2014, due to a devastating ruptured aortic aneurysm. This condition is typically fatal and causes severe internal bleeding.

What role did Albert play in “Suits”?

Albert worked diligently in the transportation department of the TV show “Suits.” His dedication was honored with a special episode titled “In Memory of Albert Ezerzer.”

Were there any misconceptions about Albert Ezerzer?

Yes, some misleading websites mistakenly used photos of actor D.B. Woodside instead of Albert Ezerzer. It’s essential to clarify that these two individuals are distinct and should not be confused.

How long was Albert Ezerzer active in the film industry?

Albert Ezerzer had a relatively short but impactful career, contributing significantly to the industry for nearly three years before his untimely death.

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