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Ali Kemp

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On June 18, 2002, a peaceful summer day turned into a nightmare for the Kemp family and the community of Leawood, Kansas. Ali Kemp, a vibrant 19-year-old lifeguard, lost her life in a horrifying act of violence that left everyone shocked and devastated. This blog post delves into the tragic story of Ali Kemp’s murder, the relentless pursuit of justice by her father Roger Kemp, and the subsequent arrest and trial of Benjamin Appleby, the man accused of taking Ali’s life.

A Life Remembered

Ali Kemp, a vivacious and compassionate young woman, had her whole life ahead of her. She was a beloved daughter, a cherished sister, and a dedicated lifeguard at a neighborhood pool. Her commitment to her job was evident in the countless lives she saved and the smiles she brought to those around her. But on that fateful day in 2002, Ali’s life was brutally taken away, leaving her family and friends in shock and despair.

Ali Kemp Bio, Wiki, Killer, Story, Mom, Case, Age, Killer, Story

NameAli Kemp
Date of DeathJune 18, 2002
Location of MurderLeawood, Kansas
FatherRoger Kemp
AccusedBenjamin Appleby
Age19 years old

The Discovery

The tragic events unfolded on a warm summer day. Ali had been scheduled to work as a lifeguard at the neighborhood pool. When her younger brother arrived at the pool, expecting to meet her, he was met with confusion and worry. Ali was nowhere to be found. Concerned, he contacted their father, Roger Kemp, who rushed to the pool. What Roger discovered in the pool’s pump room was a heart-wrenching sight—a lifeless Ali, strangled to death.

A Father’s Determination

Devastated by the loss of his beloved daughter, Roger Kemp was determined to seek justice for Ali. However, the journey to justice would not be easy. The early stages of the murder investigation were marked by obstacles and frustrations, with the killer remaining unidentified.

Roger’s unwavering commitment to finding his daughter’s murderer was unparalleled. He embarked on a crusade, erecting billboards across the nation, each bearing Ali’s picture and a plea for information about her killer. The billboards served as a powerful reminder of Ali’s life and the quest for justice.

A Break in the Case

Despite the initial challenges, Roger Kemp’s persistence paid off. One of the billboards led to a critical tip that would change the course of the investigation. In 2005, authorities received information that pointed them towards Benjamin Appleby, a 23-year-old resident of Connecticut.

Ben Appleby’s Arrest

With the new lead, authorities located Benjamin Appleby and brought him back to Kansas to face justice. He was formally accused of murdering Ali Kemp, a crime that had gone unsolved for years. The arrest brought a glimmer of hope to the Kemp family and the community that had mourned Ali’s loss.

The Trial

The trial of Benjamin Appleby would be closely watched by the nation. The prosecution presented evidence and witness testimonies, while the defense fought vigorously to prove his innocence. The courtroom was filled with tension and emotions as the truth behind Ali Kemp’s murder was unveiled.

In the end, justice prevailed, and Benjamin Appleby was found guilty of the murder of Ali Kemp. The verdict brought a sense of closure to the Kemp family, who had endured years of pain and uncertainty. Ali’s memory was honored, and her legacy lives on through the determination of her father and the pursuit of justice.


The tragic story of Ali Kemp serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of violence on individuals and communities. It also showcases the incredible strength and determination of a father who refused to give up on his daughter’s memory. Roger Kemp’s relentless pursuit of justice, aided by the support of countless people across the nation, ultimately led to the apprehension and conviction of Ali’s killer.

While Ali’s life was cut short far too soon, her memory lives on as a symbol of hope, perseverance, and the unwavering commitment to seeking justice for those who have been wronged. The story of Ali Kemp is a testament to the power of community, love, and the human spirit’s resilience in the face of tragedy.

Who was Ali Kemp?

Ali Kemp was a vibrant and compassionate 19-year-old lifeguard from Leawood, Kansas, who tragically lost her life in 2002. She was known for her dedication to her job and her commitment to saving lives.

What happened to Ali Kemp?

On June 18, 2002, Ali Kemp was found murdered in the pump room of a neighborhood pool in Leawood, Kansas. She was strangled to death, and her death left her family and the community in shock.

Who is Roger Kemp?

Roger Kemp is Ali Kemp’s father and a central figure in the story. He was determined to seek justice for his daughter and played a pivotal role in keeping her memory alive and the pursuit of justice.

How did the case progress after Ali’s murder?

After Ali’s murder, there was an initial struggle to identify her killer. Roger Kemp’s relentless determination and a critical tip led to the identification of Benjamin Appleby as a suspect in 2005

Who is Benjamin Appleby?

Benjamin Appleby is the man accused of murdering Ali Kemp. He was arrested and brought to trial for the crime.

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