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Rebecca Liddicoat, once known as Rebecca Griffin during her marriage to former football quarterback Robert Griffin III (commonly referred to as RG3), captured the spotlight as a celebrity wife. While she has largely maintained a private life away from the media’s gaze, there’s much more to discover about this intriguing personality.

Who is Rebecca Liddicoat?

Rebecca Liddicoat is best known as the former spouse of Robert Griffin III, the talented football quarterback who has graced the rosters of the Baltimore Ravens, the Cleveland Browns, and the Washington Redskins during his seven-season stint in the National Football League (NFL). However, she’s more than just a celebrity wife. Let’s delve deeper into her life.

Rebecca Liddicoat Awards, Child, Disease, Net Worth, Height, Career, Wiki, Bio, Age

Full NameRebecca Liddicoat
Other NamesRebecca Griffin
Date of BirthAugust 13, 1988
Age34 years (as of 2023)
Place of BirthBoulder, Colorado, USA
Current ResidenceTexas, USA
Zodiac SignLeo

Age and Birth

As of 2023, Rebecca Liddicoat is 34 years old, having been born on August 13, 1988. Her zodiac sign is Leo, reflecting characteristics often associated with confidence, passion, and leadership.

Rebecca Liddicoat

Roots in Colorado

Rebecca Liddicoat was born in Boulder, Colorado, United States of America. While she hails from Colorado, she is currently based in Texas, also within the United States. Her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is White.

Height (feet)5′ 10″
Height (cm)177
Weight (lb)130
Weight (kg)59
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandRobert Griffin III
FatherEdward Liddicoat
MotherLaura Liddicoat
Alma MaterCopperas Cove High School and Baylor University
ProfessionHomemaker and businesswoman

Family Ties

Rebecca is the daughter of Edward and Laura Liddicoat, and she has an older sister named Lindsey. Their upbringing was rooted in a Christian household in Boulder, which undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Rebecca’s values and outlook on life.

Educational Pursuits

Rebecca Liddicoat

Rebecca attended Copperas Cove High School, where her academic journey took shape. Upon graduating from high school, she embarked on higher studies at Baylor University. At Baylor, she pursued a course in biology and even held the prestigious position of president at the university’s Chi Service Club, a testament to her leadership and commitment to service.

A Fateful Meeting: Rebecca and RG3’s Love Story

Rebecca’s life took a significant turn when she crossed paths with Robert Griffin III at Baylor University in Texas in 2009. Their introduction came courtesy of a mutual friend, and it didn’t take long for sparks to fly. Their connection deepened, and the two embarked on a romantic journey that would soon become the talk of the town.

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The Path to Matrimony

After their initial meeting, Rebecca and Robert’s relationship blossomed, leading to an engagement in 2010. Their love story reached its pinnacle on July 6, 2013, when Rebecca Liddicoat became Mrs. Robert Griffin III. The couple chose the picturesque Denver Four Seasons in Colorado as the backdrop for their wedding ceremony. The event was a star-studded affair, with Lindsey, the bride’s sister, serving as the maid of honor, and several NFL players gracing the occasion to celebrate their union.

A Growing Family

Their love story continued to flourish as they welcomed their daughter, Reese Ann Griffin, into the world on May 21, 2015. As of 2023, Reese Ann is approaching her eighth birthday, adding another chapter to the family’s beautiful journey.

While Rebecca Liddicoat’s life may have initially been cast in the shadow of her husband’s football career, her background, education, and the love story that led to their union provide a more intricate perspective on the woman behind the celebrity wife label. As she continues her journey, away from the public eye, there’s no doubt that she carries with her the lessons and experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today.

Who is Rebecca Liddicoat?

Rebecca Liddicoat, also known as Rebecca Griffin during her marriage to Robert Griffin III, is a private individual who gained attention as the former spouse of the football quarterback.

What is Rebecca Liddicoat’s age?

As of 2023, Rebecca Liddicoat is 34 years old, having been born on August 13, 1988.

Where was Rebecca Liddicoat born?

Rebecca Liddicoat was born in Boulder, Colorado, United States of America.

What is her current residence?

She currently resides in Texas, United States of America.

What is Rebecca Liddicoat’s educational background?

Rebecca attended Copperas Cove High School and pursued higher education at Baylor University, where she studied biology and served as the president of the Chi Service Club.

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