Small Laude Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Sister, Net Worth, Height, Daughter, Real Name, Biography

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Small Laude Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Sister, Net Worth, Height, Daughter, Real Name, Biography-: In the computerized age, where online diversion stages rule, vlogging has turned into a well-known mechanism for people to share their lives, gifts, and encounters. One such champion in the Filipino vlogging scene is Little Laude, a socialite, entrepreneur, and conspicuous YouTuber. Notwithstanding being naturally introduced to riches and partaking in a sumptuous way of life, Little has decided to cut her own way through the universe of vlogging, spellbinding crowds with her day-to-day schedules and relaxation films. In this exposition, we’ll investigate the life, profession, and fascinating realities of Little Laude.

Small Laude Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Sister, Net Worth, Height, Daughter, Real Name, Biography

Full NameSmall Laude
Date of BirthJune 17, 1968
ParentsAndres Eduardo (Father), Elisa G. Eduardo (Mother)
SiblingsMelba Eduardo, Alice Eduardo (Sisters)
EducationPrimary school (Unconfirmed), Private university (Tertiary)
SpousePhilip Laude (Current), Rob Minkoff (Former)
ChildrenChristopher Laude, Michael Laude, Timothy Laude, Allison Laude
Net Worth$5 million
YouTube Channel StartFebruary 5, 2013
Breakthrough Video“My 1st Ever Vlog Day 1 in Los Angeles” (August 17, 2019)
Notable AchievementsSilver Play Button on YouTube (May 2021)
HobbiesPottery, Party Animal, Shopaholic
Featured InMetro Society, Stargate People Asia (2019)

Who is Little Laude?

Small Laude

Little Laude, a famous visual substance craftsman from the Philippines, has acquired noticeable quality through her self-marked YouTube channel. Small, who was born on June 17, 1968, did not rely solely on her privileged upbringing; rather, she has actively pursued her passion for vlogging. At 56 years of age, Little Laude has turned into a huge figure in the computerized content creation circle. She is likewise perceived as the spouse of Loot Minkoff, a notable maker and chief, adding one more layer to her multi-layered personality.

Early Life and Schooling:

Small Laude

Little Laude’s foundations follow her back to the Philippines, where she was naturally introduced to the Eduardo family on June 17, 1968. Coming from a well-to-do foundation, Little finished her essential training at an undisclosed school and sought after her tertiary degree at a confidential college. Small Laude’s journey from the world of luxury to the digital world demonstrates her desire for victory and success.

Vocation Excursion:

Small Laude

Accidentally, Small Laude entered the world of vlogging. Naturally introduced to wealth and at first helping her significant other in his undertakings, Little pondered her decisions prior to embracing the universe of vlogging. Energized by her companion, Karen Davila, Little wandered into vlogging by archiving her excursion to the US. The positive gathering of her altered video denoted the start of her vocation as a YouTuber. Her channel went live on February 5, 2013, and on August 17, 2019, the viral video “My 1st Ever Vlog Day 1 in Los Angeles” made it widely known.

Everyday Life:

Small Laude

Little Laude is joyfully hitched to YouTuber and financial specialist Philip Laude. Before Philip, she was involved with the acclaimed chief and maker Ransack Minkoff. Little Laude is a glad mother of four kids: Timothy, Christopher, Michael, and Allison. Her everyday life, frequently highlighted in her video blogs, adds an individual touch to her web-based presence.

Financial Prosperity:

With an expected total assets of $5 million, Little Laude has effectively made an interpretation of her vlogging attempts into monetary achievement. Past her sumptuous way of life, she has decisively utilized her internet based stage and undertakings to collective riches.

Small Laude Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
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YouTubeClick Here

Interesting Details:

  • In May 2021, Small Laude received a Silver Play Button on YouTube.
  • The YouTuber took stoneware courses at Ugo Bigyan’s Earthenware.
  • Highlighted in distributions like Metro Society and Stargate Individuals Asia, Little is perceived as a lady of first impression and something more significant.
  • Known for her dynamic character, Little is a wild partier and shopaholic, often seen having a good time with loved ones.
  • While not adroit at cooking, Little helped herself to make Japanese nourishment for her child, Timothy.
  • Little, the internet based sensation, concedes to being unable to exist without Wi-Fi, accentuating her computerized reliance.


Small Laude’s rise to fame as a lifestyle vlogger is a testament to her enterprising spirit and enthusiasm for bringing her life to the world’s attention. With an energetic web-based presence, a steady family, and an effective vocation, Little keeps on motivating others to embrace their interests and make their own story in the processed scene.

Who is Small Laude?

Small Laude is a prominent Filipino vlogger, socialite, and business owner known for her captivating YouTube content, showcasing her daily life and experiences.

When was Small Laude born?

Small Laude was born on June 17, 1968, making her 56 years old as of now.

What is Small Laude’s educational background?

Small Laude completed her primary education at an undisclosed school and pursued her tertiary degree at a private university.

How did Small Laude start her vlogging career?

Small Laude began her vlogging journey by documenting her vacation to the United States. Her breakthrough video, “My 1st Ever Vlog Day 1 in Los Angeles,” gained widespread recognition on August 17, 2019.

Who is Small Laude’s husband and how many children does she have?

Small Laude is currently married to Philip Laude. She was previously in a relationship with the acclaimed director and producer Rob Minkoff. Small is a proud mother of four children: Christopher, Michael, Timothy, and Allison.

What is Small Laude’s net worth?

Small Laude’s estimated net worth is $5 million, derived from her successful business ventures and online platform.

What are some notable achievements of Small Laude?

In May 2021, Small Laude received a Silver Play Button on YouTube. She has also been featured in publications like Metro Society and Stargate People Asia.

What are some interesting facts about Small Laude?

Small Laude enjoys pottery, is a self-taught Japanese food cook for her son Timothy, and is known for her vibrant personality as a party animal and shopaholic.

When did Small Laude start her YouTube channel?

Small Laude created her YouTube account on February 5, 2013, but rose to prominence in August 2019 with her viral video.

How does Small Laude view criticism and negativity?

Small Laude follows her own set of rules, avoids criticism and hatred, and believes in dressing for oneself rather than for others.

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